Martsly City is an Neo Nazi and an Gangster in Salt Lake City,UT he is age 6


Martsly has his own show on SD Films

thumb|300px|left|Martsly Said SO!!!SD Flud and Death � On Januray 25,2010 a(n) flud came to SD Land.Martsly was at a ATM at the time because he stole Bean's plastic money card and Martslys big Youtube WarEdit

On May 31th,2010 Bean shot Martsly when Martsly was President at the time when he was getting cookies

Martsly in his Halloween costume


Martsly using Bean's Visa Card when Martsly wanted to go get some Pokie the Dog ice cream

On January 29,2010 Martsly saw that Youtube video has an image of Martsly in an toilet with an cig in his mouth and poo in the toilet Martsly put an video on MartslyTube (an Martsly verson of Youtube) called Martsly Said SO!!!.