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Martsly's photo as seen on January 26,2010

on January 28,2010 Martsly sued Youtube for putting an video of Martsly in a toilet with an cig in mouth with poo in the toilet but Bean1220 was who did it Youtube then sued Bean1220 for the proplem

TheSterTube 21:47, February 19, 2010 (UTC) RAAAAAAAAA

in the mean time Martsly is making fun of Fred Figglehorn with an video Martsly put on (his own Youtube) MartslyTube.

since Martsly is an Neo-Nazi Youtube had an random guy (Dude1010) to tell the world.

Mad Magazine corridor- Cheney cover, NYC, NY.JPG

Charles Sivia and Dick in the mag that will be reused with Martsly with the shot gun with an Youtube lable on the red headed guy with Martsly shotting him and blood and (Al) Gore with it (this is a mag of Mad of 2007)

thumb|300px|right|Martsly made Fred make this Fred video.

On January 29,2010

Martsly made got and pay an computer geek to cause Youtube to get screwed.
Martsly got into Youtube's files and on the blocked web page it says "DAMIT WHY DID THE FUCK DID YOU COME TO YOUTUBE TO WATCH RICK ALSTEY GO FUCK YOUR SELF �
� � � �
Logo of YouTube

Ohh No what will happen to the logo

ON JANUARY 30,2010

Youtube will try to fix the data so users could get into computers Youtube lost $200,090,000 due to the video that Martsly had a cow over video and now since Fake Wiki goes for Youtube Martsly tried to hack are computers.

On Feburaty 19,2010

Martsly got an campain against Youtube in the great Youtube Debate it will be on March 12,2010 and the votes are in on Youtube on March 13,2010

Martsly has Tiger Woods on a MartslyTube video witch was dumb because Tiger Woods is going to court
Art Madness

ha ha blah blah blah

Anderson Cooper is going to great Youtube Debate for Martsly and Youtube




Now for News an preveiw of the movie when Greg gets called a homosexual

Youtube's first campain sign

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thumb|300px|right|Youtube Poop is getting pulled off kind of

On January 31,2010 Youtube found the video of the Martsly in the toilet pic it got deleted and the user got an 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 fine to put the video back on Youtube.Youtube is still having proplems since Martsly is evil.Stewe Griffin (from Family Guy) saw the Martsly video before it got deletedthumb|300px|right|Stewie`s Reaction to Martsly in the toilet.


The King died on Janurary 29,2010 after Martsly got Zelda to kill Impa said "Oh right dear I,ll get my Pistle Gun " Link didn't die and Zelda said "I'll have love with you tonight" Link wanted to have sex love with Zelda for ages so Link gave Zelda permison to kill The King.the King was making dinner (for him self) till Zelda killed the King with the King saying "is this because I didn't give you dinner".


Martsly all most got rid of Youtube but Martsly didn't Youtube will do something about this they got Obama giving Youtube premison to have a vote if Youtube stays or Youtube goes.